Hello, I'm Bendix

I’m a 20-year-old student from Germany who is studying computer science in the US. All my life I was an NPC. I went to school, got decent grades, played tennis ambitiously, and watched YouTube Videos about Gaming or scrolled through Instagram in my free time.

I was trapped in this cycle. If I had gone on, my life would have looked like this: Wake up, go to work, be stuck in traffic, work my ass off for someone else, eat, work again, go home, be stuck in traffic again, eat, lay down, fall asleep. Repeat.

But when I went to college I realized that this life was not what I wanted. I saw all these people living their dreams. I desired that too, so I started watching videos on how to make money. For several months, I thought I was getting closer. I never did. I was just mentally masturbating. Something needed to change. But what? It’s that simple…

I had to take action. I actually had to do shit. This was the moment everything started to shift. I was moving forward, I was building something, I was creating.

My Goal has changed to achieving financial freedom, through self-improvement, creating good habits, and building a profitable business. But what does it give me if I cannot share it with someone?

This is exactly why I share everything I learned on my path to financial freedom with you.
If you want to learn how to get financially free through self-improvement and action taking check out my free stuff.


Documenting the lessons I learned about entrepreneurship, business, and self-improvement to reach my goal of being financially free, to give you a unique way of improving your life.

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